About Soviet

Since its inception in 1987, Soviet has built up an internationally recognised pedigree as a jeans wear lifestyle brand. Bespeaking an attitude demanding quality of style and freedom of individual expression, Soviet personifies a new-fangled image, expressed by everyday people, in everyday ways. Focusing on comfort and an elegant yet en vogue approach to fashion, patrons of the brand proclaim that there is simply no better fit.

Soviet stores personify the unique and contemporary feel of the “Real People, Real Denim” theme. A diverse assortment of Soviet products is exhibited in distinctively designed settings, creating a leading-edge and comfortable shopping experience for consumers. Store elements incorporate simplicity of design while remaining expressive and modern. With a comfortable and easy-going ambiance, the experience complements the store atmosphere itself, where you will receive personal attention from friendly and knowledgeable store attendants.

#JacaDay – #SovietMediaSquad

Jacaranda FM’s #JacaDay is probably one of the most anticipated music festivals happening in Gauteng. This year, the festival relocated to the Voortrekker Monument’s Amphitheatre in the Jacaranda City. With a lineup of local artists who are known not only locally, but...