Jacaranda FM’s #JacaDay is probably one of the most anticipated music festivals happening in Gauteng. This year, the festival relocated to the Voortrekker Monument’s Amphitheatre in the Jacaranda City.

With a lineup of local artists who are known not only locally, but also internationally, the stage was set to blow the crowds away & the #SovietMediaSquad was there to witness everything up close & personal. What started out as a rather chilly morning turned out to be the perfect sunny Saturday without a cloud in the sky. Crowds of music fans had been queuing since early to get in and find the perfect spot to camp out for the day whilst enjoying the sounds of DJ Kent & Martin Bester.

It can’t even be said that a single artist was the crowd’s favourite, because the crowd went wild for every performer. Both young and old sang along to “Gimme Hope Joanna” when Dr Victor was on stage & beat their own air drums along with Matthew Mole when he was performing his hit “Run”.

Even 28 years later, Mango Groove still has the ability to get every person on their feet, dancing & moving when Claire Johnston starts off with “Special Star”. The vibe was just electric & everywhere you looked you saw people having one heck of a jol and just loving life. Our #SovietMediaSquad was in luck & geared up in some Soviet Denim high tops. And what do they say? They sure squeaked some Soviet tekkie to the proudly South African tunes.

The most anticipated performance for the entire day was when Francois van Coke & Karen Zoid finally appeared on stage together & sang “Toe Vind Ek Jou”. This was truly a moment to live in & experience every sensation to the max as you listened to these legends as the sun was setting on #JacaDay 2017.
Written by Lloyd Loots