“They call it Hip Hop dancing, we call it living” – message from Eunice Marais School of Dance.

The South African Body of Dance (SABOD), in conjunction with Sun International, hosted the 2017 Battle of the Giants All Styles Dance Championships at Sun City this past weekend, from 27 – 30 April.

An annual event, it attracts over 1000 dancers who compete in all dance styles including (but not limited to): Hip Hop, Popping, All-Style Solo & Crew Battles, Street Dance, Breakdance / Breakdance Crew Battles, Para Dancers, Production, Disco Dance, Freestyle, Ballroom & Latin, Modern, Jazz, Show Dance, and Ballet.

Not only does Soviet act as an official sponsor for Battle of the Giants, we also sponsor two teams who participated in the event: Eunice Marais School of Dance (EMSD) and Rina’s School of Dance. Both teams have brought home medals from various events in the past couple of years, and 2017 is no exception.

Rina’s School of Dance took part in the following categories: 16 & Over Amateur Group (5th place), 16 & Over Formation Group (bronze), and Adult2 [31 – 59 years] (silver).

Eunice Marais School of Dance took part in the following categories: Duo Adult Championship (1st place), Junior Finals (gold, silver, and bronze), Adult Street Show Formation (1st place), Adult Duo (silver), World Trial Circuit Show Dance Adult Formation (1st place), Production (1st place).

Soviet is proud of both teams and congratulates them on their performances. It was truly an electric and amazing night!

“Dancing is everyone’s passion. Hip Hop is a great form of exercise and stress reliever!” – message from Rina’s School of Dance.